Have you ever listened to a speaker and felt challenged to aspire to talk with equal mastery? Or do you feel disadvantaged that your inability to articulate and communicate your thoughts effectively constitute roadblocks in your journey to destiny? If you find yourself in either of these scenarios, you may wish to join the Ciceros : Guild Of Orators to rediscover the potentials Of Oratory in the achievement of worthwhile personal, social and national goals and aspirations.

Toastmasters Communications Ltd is pioneering the founding of a platform called “ Ciceros: Guild Of Orators to raise and mobilize a generation of speakers who can harness their God- given gifts and skills to advance the cause of humanity. To achieve this, you are invited to enroll for any of these short- term courses viz:

  1. Basic Course in Public Speaking-4 weeks-Course
  2. Advanced Public Speaking Course-6weeks
  3. Specialized Public Speaking Course-8weeks
Three options are available here, namely:
  1. Compering Course: How to become a Professional Master of Ceremonies
  2. Motivational Speaking Course and
  3. Political Campaign Management
Note the following;
  1. All courses are structured to emphasize practicals. Therefore, Practicum is made an integral component of all the training programs
  2. beginners are not advised to undertake the specialized courses as they administered mainly through Practicum which assumes a reasonable measure of of skills in communication generally.
  3. Classes run three days a week @ 4-6pm ; Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  4. Candidates are free to arrange for personalized attention at preferred location and time.

For further inquiries contact;
Chairman, Toastmasters Communications Ltd.
+2348136022232; +2347011815297
Program Assistant:
Oyegoke Iletogun
Suite 4, Wilflox Plaza,
behind Roses Regency Hotel and Suite, Wuye,