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The Commerce Africa is an independent online and print magazine established in 2019 with the aim of promoting the best interest of African commerce and industry, upholding the global standards, principles and practice of journalism.

Ciceros: School of Oratory

A school where people are groomed to charm their way to the top through Public speaking.

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Training in public speaking by Toastmasters Communications Ltd made me to understand that oratory is an art. I discovered that every individual has an innate capacity which the right training exposes. I also discovered my inner strength of speaking and not talking. I look forward to the advanced class.

Ezema Nkolika Martha

Civil Servant

I sailed through the basic training in the School of Oratory because the program was sectioned into digestible modules that kept me curious to learn more. My Public Speaking skill have improved drastically and I have taken up new interest in the world of Public Speaking. Thanks to the management of Cicero Guild of Orators.

Arc. Obinna

Bwari, Abuja

I have been trained by Toastmasters on how to express myself in the public. And I recommend Toastmasters to anyone who wants to join the league of original communication experts

Alhassan Abubakar

Civil Servant

Training with Ciceros unlocked the hidden talent of oratory in me. I consider Ciceros school of oratory as the orators refinery.

Francis Osegi

Business man

Let me unequivocally say that 'I have seen something and I must say something'! This particular school of Oratory is one of the best you can actually get around. The uniqueness ranges from the fact that it's flexible to accommodate everyone who is interested regardless of your tight schedules to the fact that you are assessed immediately after each class activities through your ability to demonstrate in practical terms the new skills you have acquired. I can say without reservation that you are sure to charm your way to the top by availing yourself in the classes. Finally, I want to appreciate our unbeatable coach- Chief Iletogun for his relentless efforts to ensure that we get the best in the school.

Seun Williams


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